måndag 2 februari 2015

Update of the LA session

Just got back from Los Angeles after really kickass recordings at Harddrive Studios for the yet untitled upcoming album.
Six new classics got down on tape, yup the real thing and we went old school all the way!

I got a really cool guest on keys that swinged by the studio, he's playing both Hammond and upright piano on these songs.
More info on who it is and such a bit later on, but all I can say it sounds AMAZING!!!

And hats off for the badass rytmsection and the magician James Salter behind the mixing desk, I'm in awe!!

The mixing will take place later this year!

2015 looks like it will be a great year!

Love from the Captain

söndag 1 februari 2015

Backstrom on FOX

The new and brilliant series Backstrom, based on Leif GW Perssons character Bäckström, aired on FOX Januari 22. In the second episode are our music setting the vibe to firefighters, doing there thing with fire hoses. it's a sight! A must see.

fredag 9 januari 2015

One more time, Shameless US

Shameless first episode, season 5 airs on Showtime on demand today. Check out the opening scen and listen to our lovely tune. So proud! Happy friday to you all!

onsdag 31 december 2014

Thanks and a happy new year!

We would like to thank our publishers in Stockholm and Los Angeles, and our right hand man, our partner in crime (and also Christians second wife or husband, at least) mr -K-, thanks to all the musicians we've been working with this year. They all really kicked some serious ass!

A special big thank you to ya'll for this year! All you people whom bought our music, supported us on our shows all over Europe. All the people whom spread our music all over the world. With out you there will be no music, that's for sure!

Love C & co

torsdag 4 december 2014

Berlin sessions

Photo Krister Selander

First ten songs down on tape for the upcoming album was recorded in Berlin in the end of november at PLS studios. Next stop LA.