måndag 29 juni 2015

New house, new studio!

Here in Sweden the sun don't come down during the summer.
That works fine by me, I'm in a recording mood.

måndag 4 maj 2015

A small update

Hi there lovers of the boogaloo!
Sorry for the lack of update, but there's been a lot of cooking below the radar.

First up, the recordings from the Berlin Sessions are really getting into shape in the mixing process.
It sounds really  really rad! it's gritty, dirty and will really make your hips roll like it were no tomorrow!!

We are keeping the timeplan  and everything would be ready during the late summer.
A really awesome taster will come out in the fall in a super limited edition of a 7" single, including one track from the upcoming album and one bonus track!

I'm so psyched!!

The LA Sessions will be mixed during the winter, I'll keep you dudes & dudettes updated on this one and this session has some really intense stuff going on as well!

And also, there will be only four national & two international shows this year, and all the six shows will be soloshows!.
Just go to the tour section and you'll get all the whereabouts.

The reason for the very few and far shows is because since I've decided this year to be for writing and produce more great songs!

Talk more soon!
Until then, keep shakin that tail feather!

lördag 28 februari 2015

Independent's Day Radio!!

In a few weeks back we went to Tinseltown to record the second part of the upcoming album.
And I also went by this absolute fab radio pod cast held at Independent's Day by the great Joe Armstrong!
On wendsday the 4th of March at 7pm Pacific time my visit will be aired, some talking of everything and beyond and I'll also play some songs in the studio.
Click the link below and tune in!

måndag 2 februari 2015

Update of the LA session

Just got back from Los Angeles after really kickass recordings at Harddrive Studios for the yet untitled upcoming album.
Six new classics got down on tape, yup the real thing and we went old school all the way!

I got a really cool guest on keys that swinged by the studio, he's playing both Hammond and upright piano on these songs.
More info on who it is and such a bit later on, but all I can say it sounds AMAZING!!!

And hats off for the badass rytmsection and the magician James Salter behind the mixing desk, I'm in awe!!

The mixing will take place later this year!

2015 looks like it will be a great year!

Love from the Captain