söndag 16 september 2018

Another great review + a changed date for november 2019!

This fantastic German review of the new album just came in!
Feels so great to read those fine fine words of something that I'm so proud of and worked so hard with!
Never give up the dream lovers, always look to the horizon and aim for the sky!
Click here to read this fine piece!

Also, we had to change the date for the Hamburg show to November 2nd of 2019 at Freundlich + Kompetent instead of playing there during the springtime.
So the new date are November 2nd for all you Hamburgians.

Love from the Captain!

fredag 7 september 2018

London pic & and a brand new fantastic review from Germany

Yes box!
The Germans has some superior taste in music!
Check out this kickass review of WELLKNOWN STRANGERS from the German musicmagazine Musikreviews

They keep on coming!

And look at this fine pic from the releaseparty in London a couple days ago.
It was a real treat to play in UK for the first time all these musiclovers, will be back soon again for sure!

fredag 31 augusti 2018

The first reviews are rolling in

Yes box my friends!
The first two reviews of WELLKNOWN STRANGERS have rolled in!

Here's the Dutch one from Blues n Roots Corner 
And here's a Swedish one from Fridhammar Media.

It starts out pretty good, it feels so nice!
And many more are coming up, so keep on checkin in for more updates.

We are looking forward to the releaseday the September 4th, don't forget that you can pre-order the album.
Just drop an email to us at d.m.a-music@outlook.com

Loads of love from the captain

All you Londoners part2!

We had to move the release show of the album WELLKNOWN STRANGERS to September 4th, and to this very fine establishment Luna Lounge.

Christian will go on stage 20.00 sharp, just come on in!
And it's all free, there's no tickets needed, no hassle just good  timing music for some goodtiming people!
We have the brand new and fresh of the press album with us for a special price this night only.

Let the good times roll!

onsdag 8 augusti 2018

New album update!

The new album WELLKNOWN STRANGERS are at the pressing plant as we speak, finally!
The physical album will hit the streets September 4th, but all you digital lovers will have to wait a while.
Because of all the pre orders the first edition will sell out just as they arrive here at the homebase, so there will be a second edition printed asap.
So keep pre order the album to get your hands of a copy of this bad boy of an album!
Just drop a email to d.m.a-music@outlook.com and we get back to you with the details.

Feels so good with all that support from all of you guys, so much love!

And I'm getting fired up for the releaseshow at Sixty Sixty Sounds in London the September 5th, it will be a epic night for sure!

So lovely people of the world, see you soon on a joint near you!

onsdag 27 juni 2018

Gotland uber alles!

Yes box!
Christian will do a soloshow at Brygghuset in Visby on Swedens biggest island called Gotland.
It will take place the 28th of July, and it will be a acoustic low key kinda show but yet awesome as ever!
So why don't you take the ferry from Stockholm, or Oskarshamn to join in on this fab show in this historic city!
If you've done good on your historic lessons in school you know what i'm talking about.

Also some other great news, the mastering is done, the artwork is taking shape and soon ready to be finalized into a disc for all your pleasure to dance, make love, start a riot or just have a good time too!

Have a awesome summer people, and stay tuned for some more good stuff coming your way!

//The Captain!

lördag 2 juni 2018

People of Netherlands...

Yes, all you good people in Netherlands!
There's been a lot of emails to Camp The 2120's about there was a demand for at least one show in this beautiful country on the tour in September!
And yes, your voices have been heard!
Sunday the 30th of September is the date to head up to Amsterdam and Clink Noord Hostel is the place to be to enjoy some goodtiming music for some goodtiming friends!

Feels awesome to be back in Sin City once again!

Cheers for now, it's time to hunt mosqiutos here in the woods!