The 2120's came to birth early in 2010 in Studio Scola, Gothenburg Sweden.
The founding member, songwriter, singer and guitarplayer Christian Smedström had an urge to do something outside the regular box of rock.

He teamed up with the producerteam Kristoffer Ragnstam and Joel Lundberg, also known as The Pulca Bros. Who's well known for there work producing artists like John ME, Maia Hirasawa among others.

Together they started to record the debut album "Nolo Contendere", which featured songs like Evil Ways, Some People, Bringer of Heartache among others, and within a year of existence these songs could be heard in american TV-shows and movies such as Sons of Anarchy, C.S.I Miami, Shameless, MTV's Death Valley, Puncture, Shanghai Calling, Concrete Blondes, The Heat and not to forget, the  commercial for the state of Texas that was aired in national TV in the US for 3 months.

Christian & The 2120's is constantly writing and producing songs, and of course, relentless touring all over Europe. Three full length albums, two EP's, three singles.

A string of musicians have been in and out of the band during the years, since Christian has been using musicians who has been available for the moment. The 2120's have always contained Christian on guitars and vocals, various drummers, bassplayers and organplayers have passed through. Current members are Kristoffer Rangstam on drums and Krister Selander Jonsson on bass and backing vocals.

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