lördag 14 augusti 2010

Yesterdays boogaloo!

Yesterdays boogaloo at Swedens finest Tikibar, Kontiki was a absolute rad evening!
First I was a little bit bummed out that I missed Imperial State Electric at the festival Way Out West, but there was no chance for me to get there in time, and I had such more greater thing scheduled during the day, Iggy & the Stooges with the great great James Williamsson on guitar for the first time in over 40 years or so.
And they fucking blew the festival to smithereens, first song was none other than the greatest punkrock gems of all time if you aske, Raw power!, it does´nt get better than this, and Iggy was in his prime so it was a really great warm up for my own show tonight.

I took a walk over the street to the venue, and when arriving I met -K- who also just arrived, we both were in really great spirits, we started to put our gear in order.
I must says a big thank you to Alex, the guitarplayer of the Tracks, who also were about play later tonight for letting me crank his amp.

Time were 22.00 and it was boogalootime!.
The always so great mr -K- started the first song and of we went!
During the fourth song, around before the last verse of the brand new song "Fade away" the guitar amp goes aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, never really found out what it was or what happened cause I just changed a cable and played some slide with a glass full of beer and we took of where the amp sounded so strange & sounded great again, no harm done, only some more show really!

It was a really intense show, and a really HOT one, we just floored it to a sea of smiling faces!
I would like thank each & everyone of those musiclovers who were there last night, your cheering, handclaps & singing are priceless to me, THANX!!!!

I will not perform in my hometown until mid october, and then it´s going to be a acoustic soloshow at the NO 1 GUITARSHOP, so once again I´m so glad so many came out to see me & -K- blasting the boogaloo!
Loads of love

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