lördag 2 oktober 2010

Some new songs & some news

Yes, as you all know I´m in the progress writing & recording new songs.
And this week has been craaaaazy.
Since my great publisher was about to pay a visit to my american publisher, Bisycle Music Company this weekend.
There was some stressful moments to have some great stuff with him to show them, again.

So my great producer/mentor/friend, mr -K- Ragnstam decided after been talking to me & Anders at Misty Music that they should bring in some heavy champs in the buisness to shake america up a little bit.

Two songs of the upcoming album were mixed by Mattias Glavå who done some excellent work with Dungen, Håkan Hellström, Broder Daniel among others.
He´s a real wizard I must say, and he´s all bout mixing on real to real tape & such great stuff.
The mastering on these two tracks was handled by the man who made miracles with great artists like Jose Gonzalez, El Perro Del Mar, Fontän among others.

The result was breathtaking!!, even though we had a blowtorch under the ass since we had to get things done reeeeally fast.

Now there´s some negoations with american tv series & movies so keep your fingers crossed that it all turn out the way we want.

So that´s where I´m at right now, will hit the studio again pretty soon to record even more songs before november starts, so that feels just great.
Keep checking in people of the boogaloo.
Loads of love

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