söndag 13 februari 2011

A killer weekend!

Had two shows this weekend, one electric & fierce duo show at Sticky Fingers with the mighty -K- behind the kit.
A lot of old friends & cousins showed up wich was really nice.
Great crowd and at this gig I did something I never done before, ever.
I handed over the guitar to -K- and just sang, wich was scary but I pulled it off, and there will be more of this for sure in the future!

Also got the gig on both video and audio recorded so there will end some great footage up here pretty soon.

And on the saturday I did acoustic show with Esben Willems on his tiny kit and Thomas Ponten on mandolin and additional guitars.
It was awesome since it was the premiere evening for our club, KLUBB HONKY TONK that me and two friends having.
It was a soldout evening and a lot of people did´nt get in, that´s was awesome to play these acoustic versions of my songs with some superior harmony vocals from Esben & Thomas, sometimes it felt & sounded like it was the Byrds who played instead of me, wich felt soooo damn good!
And Thomas did some killer solos on both mandolin and guitars, and course Esben showed how to play drums, he´s such backbone to rely on with some fierce shops, I´m in awe over these guys talents!!!

Now I will prepare for the show at Henriksberg the 26th of february, it will contain some few suprises for shure, so drop by then!

Loads of love

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