måndag 28 mars 2011

Sorry people!

I´m so sorry for the lame updating here, but there´s been so much stuff the last few weeks.
I´m not complaining that I have had loads of things to do or as the previous weeks, but sometime you have to recoup yourself.

Me & Thomas Ponten went to Berlin during a 4 day trip to spread the gospel of boogaloo, there was a show booked in Hamburg as well but I was forced to cancel that one due some strange circumstances.
So we stayed put in lovely Berlin instead.
We did 5 shows during this 4 day log trip.
I also did my first show on the street, and I choosed a great spot to do it.
I played just outside the American embassy at Brandenburger Tor!!
It was awesome, but also a bit scary at the same time.

Did 3 gigs that day, everyone was around 2 hours long so at the last one my throat was pretty sored I must say.

The whole trip was really great, it´s not the last time I will spend a weekend in Berlin I´ll tell you that people.

I also got the privilige to meet up with El Pres from CACTUS ROCK records, who distrobute my records in Germany throughout his mailorder.
And not to forget all the sweet people we met during those days.

I´ve also been recording twice since the last update, some songs for the upcoming album which is due to be released in the fall.
And some blues oriented songs to be released as soon as they are done properly, it will contain both acoustic & electric songs.
I´ve written so many songs and not to mess up the album with putting on too many songs or songs that clash with each other on one album I´ve decided to make two different albums instead, so there´s a red thread through both albums.

I have some more recording sessions to do before they both are ready for printing.
And speaking of printing, I have the new single right off the printing desk in my hands.
It will kick major ass!!!.
In mid may you´ll find this great gem at the recordstores and digital download places.

Well, I guess it was all for now.
And it will not take so long until next update!
Love from the C-man

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