torsdag 21 april 2011

The releaseparty for the single!

I´ve had to move the releaseparty of my upcoming single from may 7th to june 10th due various reasons.
But it will be a great,great,great evening.
The first 50 guests will get a free copy of the single in the entrance, and there will be some more fantastic music this evening.

I will start to play at 21.20 sharp, playing some songs from the new single, and some new from the upcoming untitled album with it´s release during the fall.

So put this new date, june 10th in your calenders asap!

Other great news is that I will play a soloshow in the Canarie islands during the 17 & 18th of november at the Cafe Rokoko, Playa de Ingles.
That´s gonna be a rad moment I´ll tell ya all!

And on this very saturday, I´ll join my great friend Thomas and his greatgreat band Little Green on slideguitar when they have their releaseparty for the new album " Innocent again ", and yes I´m playing on the album the track " Don´t tell me it´s over "as well.

Be good to yourself now loving people!

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