tisdag 21 juni 2011

3 more shows booked & the new EP

Hello everyone!
I had the first rehearsel tonight together with the mighty The Don Darlings.
Man! i was actually nervous for the first time in a very long time, it´s a whole different ballgame to join in and play some other bands stuff.
But it went really great, we went through 9 songs I guess out of aprox 20 songs.
So I will practice a shitload in the near future so I make these boys happy!

I will open up for them during the whole tour so it will be a whole lot of guitarplaying and singing for me during these weeks, but I love it so there´s nothing heavy about that, and their songs are so damn great as well so it will be a treat to play them every night.

The latest addition of citys that will some boogaloo are Copenhagen, Denmark & Hamburg, Germany plus a festival gig up Hagfors, Sweden

And earlier today I hooked up with the knobtwisting wizard T.Bövik to get my hands on the mastered EP called " 06.43 " which will be released during the fall.
And fuckin hell!!!, such a great sounding EP this is I´ll tell you all!!!
There will be 7 tracks on this one, with one bonustrack.
I will release it both as a digital and as a physical cd( if I had the money I would have made vinyl of course! ), but the digital buyers won´t get the bonus track.

The track listening are the following:
1: 06.43
2: Crash & burn
3: Mr.Cabdriver
4: CCKMP ( a Steve Earle cover )
5: Everyday mantra
6: Feels the same
7: Second hand Jesus
+ the bonustrack " Working for the man "

I guess this was all for now, but I am wating for some great news the closest days so keep checking in people!!
Love from the captain of boogaloo

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