onsdag 13 juli 2011

More shows!

A few more shows are listed on the tour in Germany, Netherlands & lovely Belgium.
Ludwigsfelde, Rostock & Frankfurt will get some boogaloo!
The venues in Rostock & Franfurt will soon be confirmed so keep checkin in.

Also put down the last vocals on my upcoming album today, and it´s sounds pretty fuckin fantastic I must say!
Gonna turn some heads with this piece of plastic I´ll tell ya´ll!!!

And the rehearsels with The Don Darlings are going great, there´s a lot of tunes that I have to get into my head and keep ém there, but it already sounding superior on some songs so I´m confident that it will be kick ass until the tour kicks off!

That´s all for now.
Love from the capitain

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