tisdag 6 september 2011


Today, in america in the season premiere of this supercool tv-show, SONS OF ANARCHY will my song "Evil ways" be aired during the first episode.
I think this is a milestone in my career, I´m so happy with this.
You can find the song, and the album of course at the usual download places such as I-tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Cdon, Wimp, E-music and many many more places.

So that´s all for now lovers, soon you´ll get some new songs up and running here as well since the new album "Different strokes/Different folks" are in the mixing process and it´s only 6 more songs to be mixed before the mastering and packageing.

Loaods of love from the boogaloo capitain!

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feztis sa...

Very good song!

Christian & the 2120´s sa...

Hopefully it will be more of them coming in the show!
The very same song is also in the movie PUNCTURE with Chris Evans/Captian America as the leading roll.
It´s just been released in the states
Thanx once again!

SprossTheTerrible sa...

Hey man, heard your song on SOA (Sons of Anarchy). Literally spent a whole day trying to figure out what the song was, and who sang it.

Finally figured it out. Doing a Google search led me here. Just wanted to say I'm really digging the song they played, and getting ready to download the album, will probably have to get it off iTunes. Unless I can locate a CD somewhere.

Anyhow, I'm down in Dallas, Texas. If you ever make it stateside, let me know! Would love to make a show, and I'm assuming I'll have plenty of people interested in you within the next week.

Christian & the 2120´s sa...

Hey Sprosstheterrible!
It feels so great to hear that you liked the song! Hopefully you´ll like the album as well.
When you´ve downloaded the album from iTunes, email me your adress and i´ll send you a bonus that will be released during this winter!
Hopefully I´m bring the band to the States during this winter/spring, we´re working on it.
Here´s my email and once again, thanx!

Christian & the 2120´s sa...

the2120@live.se is the right one!

SprossTheTerrible sa...

Downloaded the album, it's REALLY great stuff! I get really excited finding new artist. Very happy I stumbled upon you. You definitely need to thank Sons of Anarchy. That show has literally been my window to new music.

What kind of gear are you using with the guitar? Man, I love that sound!

I'll be emailing you now for that bonus! Very cool of you to be so approachable to your fans!

Let me know when you get the tour scheduled for the states! Do you have a twitter account? Maybe a good idea to keep us fans in the loop!

Name is Michael by the way, thanks!

Anonym sa...

such a great song! I found out about you guys by searching the lyrics from the episode. Any chance you'll be touring in the US soon?

Christian & the 2120´s sa...

Thanx so much!
I´m working on getting over there during this year, a whole lot more great stuff been happening and coming up later this year as well.

Please go to Facebook and like my site, there you´ll get every update.

Once again, THANX!!