onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Touring, Mtv and other fun stuff!

Hello again my dear friends!
The reason that I have´nt updated anything here for the last two weeks is that I´ve been touring Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany together with my friends The Don Darlings.
It was as it used to be on tour, both ups & downs but being on tour is always fun so even the downers were kinda fun.
I would like to give a big up to the Don Darlings for a great time! and of course all the nice people I met down the road.
Here´s some footage from Club Bassy, Berlin Germany when I did a cool version of The Black Keys tune "when the lights go out"

Back home when I opened my mailbox I got some really cool news from MTV.
This week they air the 7th episode of the supercool serie " Death Valley" where they have my song What else is new in the show.
And on top of that, you´ll be able to download the track for free this week, just click the link here to get some free music!

There´s a whole lot more great stuff coming pretty,pretty soon and I´ll air this in a week or two.
See you soon lovers.

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