tisdag 22 november 2011


Hello lovers of boogaloo!
Been a while since there was some writing here, but I have´nt been lazy, well just a little bit since I went down south to the Canarie Islands (ESP) for a week of vaccation with some real nice weather and a whole lot of food & beers of course!

And while being down there enjoying myself, I also did some work!
I did two shows at the fantastic CAFE ROKOKO, met some really fantastic people there as well.
The first show it was a packed house, with half of the crowd standing outside on the streets, which made the crowd even bigger since the people who just was strolling down the avenue just stayed to enjoy the fine art of boogaloo!
And the boogaloo was a little bit too loud for the neighbours ´cause the strong arm of the Canarie law showed up with a ticket...well, it was actually nothing seriuos but mr policeman had to give the beautiful owner some sort of paper since the curious neighbours were watching them talk outside the place.

The show went on, and so it did the second night as well, and during the second show I made a duet with the talented girl who opened for both nights.
And after this duet there was 4 girls crying since it was so beautiful apperently!, so I left the Canarie Islands in good spirit of making such impact on both the Canarian Police department and the girls of this lovely island!!

And yesterday, I went to the studio to do the finishing touches of the upcoming album "DIFFERENT STROKES/DIFFERENT FOLKS".
Vocals on 4 songs and some slideguitar was on the menue, and fuck me sideways I´m so proud of this new album.
It will containe 10 superior gems, and there´s 3 total kickass leftovers that will be released as b-sides.
The reason there´s 3 leftovers, is that I think 10 songs is a perfect fit for an album, so we just decided those 10 gems who was the most perfect for the album.
And it feels so good to have such great leftovers that could stand for themselves!

Now it´s only a little bit icing on the cake left, then it´s gonna be ready for mix & mastering.
The artwork are in progress, and the light in the tunnel is bigger than ever!

That´s all for now lovers, I´ll keep you updated!

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