tisdag 29 november 2011

The new album!

Yeah!, it´s finally recorded and is being mixed & mastered as we speak!
As I mentioned earlier it has the title " DIFFERENT STROKES/DIFFERENT FOLKS "
And here´s the songtitles, not in accurate order though.

All messed up
Come & get me
´Til the end of time*
Loosers are winners*
Ain´t no place (to fall behind)
Fade away
Down by the waterline
Easy on you

Those 10 gems will ease your hunger for some real music during next spring!, there´s also *two duets on the album, it´s an amazing honour for me to been working with such legends in my humble opinion!

And some of you might wonder, only 10 songs..., well I think it´s the perfect number of songs on an album!
So it was a little bit of a " kill your darlings moment" while choosing which 10 songs who´d make it to the album, but it was´nt actually that hard to choose which ten it was going to be, the songs chose themselves and stood out in the crowd.

I have a few bonustracks as well, that will end up as b-sides and on compilations here & there.
One of those bonustracks will be a duet together with one of absolute favourite singers, she´s from Canada and I´ll let you know all about her when everything is ready and such.

I also got some words from the eastern part of Germany, that I have a great fanbase there, and want me to come and play the boogaloo for them musiclovers.
We´ll see what we come up with during springtime since touring is so much fun, and I have´nt been in those parts of Germany for a loooong time.
I´ll keep you posted!
A whole lot of loving to ya´ll

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