tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Shanghai Calling, the movie!

Hello lovers!
Sorry for the slow updates here, but it has it´s natural cause, it´s summertime with everything that comes with it
And I´ll been playing on the biggest festival here in Sweden, Peace & Love.
And also been relocated to the eastsouth part of Sweden, and now everything is working as usual.

The 10th of august the Hollywood movie " SHANGHAI CALLING " will premiere in China, which makes me stoked.
It´s kinda BIG country, and with all that people hearing my song "Some People" taken from my debut "Nolo Contendere" featured in the movie is more that awesome!

For what I´ve seen from the movie, it´s an really cool one!

Go here to find out more about it!

I also have a tune in this cool flick, " CONCRETE GIRLS " find everything you need about it here!

Also working in the studio on some new songs, while waiting on releasing the upcoming new album " DIFFERENT STROKES/ DIFFERENT FOLKS "

Some of these new tunes might end up on the really limited vinyl issue! but I´ll keep you all updated about that.

Awright, talk more soon!
Now it´s time to walk the dogs!


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