onsdag 10 april 2013

Crazy times, happy times!

Hello lovers of the boogaloo.
There's been a lot going on here, that's why it's been so long since I wrote some.

Anyway, I got great news for ya'll!!!

In the new, and SANDRA BULLOCK's comeback movie "THE HEAT" you will hear the song "Bringer of heartache" taken from the debut album "Nolo Contondere".
We are so psyched to be featured both in the trailer and in the movie.
Also in the movie is the superfunny Melissa Mccarthy.

It has other great bands in the movie as well, such as fellow Swedes The Hives among others!

The releasedate  in cinemas are 28th of june in Usa, and in Sweden for instance the 9th of august.
Go here for more info about the movie.

I'll be back pretty, pretty soon with some other superior news!
Love ya'll!

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