tisdag 3 september 2013

Yup!, It still hectic on all fronts, the way I like it!

Hello there lovebirds!
Just want to let you know that the album "Different Strokes/ Different Folks" is finally at the pressingplant in England.
And there will be some fine black vinyl arriving here in a couple of weeks, can't hardly wait 'til I put down the needle on my turntable and blast it out!!!
I'll keep you guys updated for sure!

Also last weekend I went to Gothenburg, Sweden to have 2 days of intense recordings together with my good friends Tobbe Bövik on drums & Krister Selander Jonsson on bass from the band The Black Marbles.
We nailed 7 songs, and all that will be added are some grand piano and then it's all done.
The mixing and mastering will be done pretty soon as the grand piano is down on tape.
In the meantime I'm also working on a bonustrack for the vinyl edition of this bluesfueled album that will be recorded in my livingroom as lo-fi as it can get :)
The title on this 8 track long album will be "From innocence to experience", I have no date or release on this fine piece of plastic yet, but keep checking in for more info.

Also there's gigs being booked as we speak, two more this year and a whole lot more in the 2014, please check the tourdates page for dates.
Uddevalla (SE), Helsingör (DK), Hamburg (D), Detmold (D), Limburg (B), Stockholm (SE), Norrköping (SE), Bremen (D), Erfurt (D) is the towns that are booked at the moment.
If you want us to come to your town, club, party, garage, drop me a line and we work something out.

I will do a clinic in Uddevalla (SE) the 2/11 as a part of the great festival Uddevalla Kassetten.
I'll do it together with the great Rizza of Atri N Assouf, and we'll gonna talk, play our guitars and trade stuff on our take on the blues.
It's going to be really fun, I have'nt done things like this for a long time.

That's all for now.
Be good, Be bad and most of all, be beautyful!

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