torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Nice words from

Claes Olson is not afraid of the words, thanks!

"Christian & The 2120's Til 'The End Of Time (album tracks, Different Strokes / Different Folks) [Dantika / Music Help]

After last week having met the English composer Michael Nyman at Uppsala Concert Hall, I sat on his way home in the 165 km / h on E4 towards Stockholm when a sparkling track in the CD stack on the passenger seat next to me suddenly made me slow down, take a deep breath and listen. In Til 'The End Of Time succeeds Swedish Christian & The 2120's have a loving popsong that just as well could have reached me through an expensive import purchases (if you know what I mean ...). Beautifully! Brilliant! F-king brilliant!"

Link here

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