fredag 13 juni 2014

Back on the hometurf after the last trek of boogaloo in Netherlands & Belgium.
It was an awesome small trip, and we made som new friends, lost some that were'nt needed anymore.
Overall the tour was a success and we had a real blast!!

We will come back to Cafe Driesprong in january again, it was THAT great evening i'll tell ya'll!
Here's a nice video from the show, ladies dancing on the tables, smiling people dancing in front of us, just the way the boogaloo go down!

This month, june there's a bit of vaccation here at the boogaloo headquarters, since from the 5th of july it's full speed ahead until the 25th of january!

There's some news coming up concerning the states pretty, pretty soon.
And of cpurse the tour schedule got some shows added for the winter.

Last but not least, the studio have been booked for some more recordings for the "The Bunker Sessions # 2" .

Have a great summer, and we'll be back in july with full force with shows in Norway, Germany and Netherlands!
What a trip it will be!

Loads of love from the boogaloo capitain!

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