fredag 1 augusti 2014

The captain says hello from the vaccation seat!

Well, so much vaccation it's not.
The writing are in full force for the new album, and the recording will take place during november and december.
We will record in Berlin (D) , Gothenburg (SWE), Kalmar (SWE) so it will be some different touches on the boogaloo.

The songs are written already, so there's only a few last touches left to make that boogie you love so much even more... BOOGIE :)

Also got one sad thing to inform you all about, the tour in november is now cancelled for various reasons beyond our reach.
BUT we are back on the road in april again, and that will be cooking i'll tell ya'll!

During next week there will be some great news for all you boogielovers!
So tune in on tuesday the august 5th!!!

And until then, here's some great stills from the Stoned From The Underground festival, Erfurt Germany taken by the great Thomas Lang, check him out!!!

Love to ya'll!

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