tisdag 15 mars 2016

Today is a glorious day!

Cause today we release this fab baby we have been working on for the last year or so on locations such us Berlin (D), Los Angeles (USA), Gothenburg (Swe) and Atlanta (USA).

The brand new album MOMENTS, you know want this one in your collection! I would like to have it as well!
I'm so happy with everything about this album, the songs, the recordings, the travels, the people who joined me on this journey and everything in between.
I've been so blessed with all this talent around me, that kept pushing me forward so I could make this album, I love love ya'll eternally!

So head on to iTunes, Amazon or why not directly to www.the2120s.bandcamp.com and get the real deal direct, without any middlehands!

And hopefully we'll meet at some shows here & there pretty soon!
Keep the spreading the word of boogaloo!

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