tisdag 14 juni 2016

Some review highlights

Here are a few of the reviews we've got so far.
Every review will be feature on the "Review" page in the near future.

"Christian & the 2120's Made Your Indie Summer Road Trip Album"

"Every song on Christian & The 2120’s Moments is a winner and I just can’t get enough of this album and will be playing it a lot…so should you."

"Keep one eye open, and both ears to the ground with these guys."

"Christian & the 2120's Album Moments Focuses On What Matters"

"Moments is a great rock n roll roadhouse record."

Som other nice news. Christian & the 2120's is now more active on twitter. Not due to Christian though, he has no idea how to use it. So, for the instant news, Åsa will provide it for you. The news always gets to her first anyway. See ya'll there!
Username: @the2120s

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