torsdag 9 mars 2017

Some more recordings been done!

Yes box!
Earlier this week, I flew in to Berlin (D) to do some more recordings of some songs that i have stacked up for a while.
I wanted to record these songs in the way that I hear them in my head.
And to actually do that, there was only one choice to do so, at Lightning Recorders in Berlin.

Since these songs are much, much more blues oriented than my regular albums I wanted a sound to match as well, so record them like in the good old way, like an old John Lee Hooker album from the 50's or like something who would have come out from the classic SUN Studios when rock n roll was dangerous.
Recorded straight to a 1 inch tape, the mix was done before the take, no multitracking!
Using only guitars, vocals & upright piano, double bass and drums, each song has a different instrumentation so it's very much alive, gritty and cooking!
Had some really great players to help me out on this one, including Sebastian from the hipshaking band The Blue Ribbon Four on upright piano, and of Lightning Recorders own Axel on duoble bass and drums.

And the result, was pretty much breathtaking I must say.
I have always had a dream to record in this way, but have'nt been able before for various reasons.
I'm planning to come back to Lightning Recorders later this year to record some more songs to complete everything to a badass LP to be released in the future!

So I will keep you all posted on this one.

The mixing of the recordings I did at Svenska Grammofon Studion in december will start april 4th, it will be a killer album, oh sweet lord have mercy!

There's much more stuff in the pipeline, but this is all for now!

Live well, love each other and always chase the dream!


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