onsdag 27 juni 2018

Gotland uber alles!

Yes box!
Christian will do a soloshow at Brygghuset in Visby on Swedens biggest island called Gotland.
It will take place the 28th of July, and it will be a acoustic low key kinda show but yet awesome as ever!
So why don't you take the ferry from Stockholm, or Oskarshamn to join in on this fab show in this historic city!
If you've done good on your historic lessons in school you know what i'm talking about.

Also some other great news, the mastering is done, the artwork is taking shape and soon ready to be finalized into a disc for all your pleasure to dance, make love, start a riot or just have a good time too!

Have a awesome summer people, and stay tuned for some more good stuff coming your way!

//The Captain!

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