fredag 26 mars 2010

Day one

Yeah!, we have arrived after like ten hours in the van to the great city of Helmond, and really great venue MUZIEK CAFE.

We are a little bit tired after such a long ride, but Jon drived like a champ.
We have just putted up our gear on stage, took a short instrumental jam and the vibe is AWESOME!!!.

We have heard of the locals that it will be a really great night, since last time we were here it was intense and really appriciated.

The only bummed out thing is that we did´nt got the debut album with us since a ton of misunderstanding between the shipping company & the printing company, BUT the good thing is that they are sent to us by express to the lovely city of Ghent to be picked up before we head of for France and the city of Bethune.

Looking forward for tonights show, it´s a great a vibe here, sun is shining, the weather is warm, the promotors are great , and i know the locals will be awesome.
That´s all for now, tomorrow there will be some pictures uploaded, so over and out for now.

Capitain of boogaloo

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