måndag 29 mars 2010

Si... eller njae....

Oh yes!, we arrive kinda early at the Muziek Cafe,was greated hello of our great crazy friends & promotors.
We did a fast load in and headed out the town,there is some kind of circus fair going on with Paris wheels and such, and the whole city was out on the town.
And we could'nt help notice all these "permobiler",a kind of electric car that old people drive around with, during that hour we walked around we saw no more than 12 of them!!!, how is that.

The gig started around 23.00 hours,since that was the time the fair was closing,and such a great premiere it was,a packed place on a friday night, with alot of people from the last time we played there, one dude actually called his work and said that he was sick so that he could come to the show,it's awesome stuff to hear/feel i can tell you that much!

After the show we just hung out & drank the local beer, BAVARIA wich taste sooo good.
Jon had some problems with his keyboard during the show so we need to check that up later.

When the place closed down i went to sleep & fell a sleep within minutes? some really stressful days had taken it's toll on me.
The other boogalooboys stayed up a little longer & drank some more.
All & all it was a really great first day/night on this tour.
Over & out for now lovers

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