tisdag 13 april 2010

The city of heroes!

Yesterdays show was the last show of the tour this time, and such a show it turned out to be!
Arriving to venue after some strolling down the streets of Liepzig i hook up with my new friend, Thomas.
He was in town for some buisness and he took some time to hang with us the rest of the evening and to enjoy some boogaloo.
We talked about how much he would be able to help out to get great gigs in Germany from now on, and he´s like a BIG spider in the web so this is something really looking forward to, plus I got a new great friend with the same love for music as i do!

We had a local support act, MANGO and they were rocking out really good and their bassplayer! Man what a great bassplayer he was!

And soon it was time for us to do the boogaloo, a fast linecheck and off we went.
And the feedback we got of the wild students fed off on us so we took it up a notch or two...
We didn´t really followed our regular setlist this fab evening. We took the advantage to ask the great crowd what kind of song they wanted to hear, and we took it from there so to speak.
We played for 1 hour and 20 minutes aprox and it was the loudest singalong on this tour, man it felt so good to having those smiling faces sing back to you. I get goosebumps of just thinking of it at the moment.

Me and Jon did an interview for the local paper, from there on it was some great party.
But the cold that i have refused to break out hit me like a ton of brick during the day.
I got to buy this great ginger tea & together with some beers i was ready to sing like a champ, since it was the last show i could go for full throttle without any danger for for the next show, but today i sound like Donald Duck when I´m speaking and the body is so sour, life on the road takes it´s toll sometimes.

I stayed up a bit and around two in the morning i felt like i´m done & said goodnight to my new friends in this great city of heroes (as it called in Germany, I don´t why but they actually were heroes tonight).

We jumped the van around noon and headed for Kiel to take the ferry home to our loved ones, I think there will be a slow night since it´s only like grandparents who travel on the ferry. BUT since the experince we had in Bethune (f) & Herselt (b) we can be proved wrong once again since then it was the oldest who partied the most.

I must say superthanx to everyone we have met, partied with, played for, or just hanged out with, I`M SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE MET YOU GUYS!!!!
Soon it´s time for the tour during the fall, I think it will kick off in late october and continue for a month so keep checking in at this blog or at myspace.
Loads of love from a very happy capitain of boogaloo.

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