måndag 12 april 2010

Leipzig...end of the road...almost

We drove to Leipzig via Hamburg to get some breakfast, since it was a sunday and everything was closed and we had a pretty far drive down south to Leipzig we decided to take off after we had some food and coffee.

Jon drives the van like a champ and we arrived at the gig´s promotors place around 20.00, got some food and just hung out at her place.
We were waiting on the band that should open up for us tonight, The Paperplanes.
When they arrived we drove to our hostel, located above the venue!, we like that!
And then a 20 minutes walk through Leipzig to this cool bar called STONED.
We had some beers and i was feeling that my cold was getting down to my throat so i decided to go back to the hostel and get some some sleep.
The rest of the boogalooboys arrived around 06.00 i think...not so much beautysleep for them then right...

Today is the last show of the tour, I have mixed feelings about that, it´s just wonderful to head home to your loved ones and it´s also wonderful to keep on touring like a hobo.
BUT soon we are burning rubber again, that tour will be twice as long as this has been, gonna be wicked I tell you that people!.

I´ll do an update tomorrow when we are on the "dansbands ferry" back home, about how wild the last show end up to be and the ferry that departs from Kiel & arriving just outside Jon´s front door almost.
I will probably have some great stories from what goes on on that trip.
Loads of love from the capitain for now, now it´s time for soundcheck.

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