måndag 12 april 2010

Off to Limburg

Yeah after a really great evening at BAR 219 we woke up at mr. TIKI KING´s casa.
Got our shit together and jumped the van towards this lovely town.
As we use to do we came in early, so we parked the van just outside the venue and took a walk on the streets of Limburg in the warm sunshine, today it was 19 degrees outside so we surely enjoyed our small sightseeing spree.

Headed back to the club, and met up the owner, a super nice gentleman called Ceasar.
He told us that we would play after tonights soccer game, it was their local team against the biggest team in Belgium and it was apperently a BIG game, what do i know about stuff like soccer...
Anyway! it was instresting to see the locals fill up the club to see the game on a big screen, so I also watched my first soccergame for a loooooong time.

None of the teams won, it got to 1-1 so now they have to have a re-match.

And yes, the spirit in the club was really great and the guy who handled the PA system came so we could do a short linecheck.
We started off doing the boogaloo since we were really anxiuos to play.
People loved it and in the end off the second set i got the people to sing a long so LOOOOUUUD that they even got Hampus to get his shirt off for the last encore! how about that!!!

We had a apartment above the venue so I took off around 03.00 I think and crashed out, I need my beauty sleep you know...

When i woke up and were waking up the partyboys Henk told me that one girl at the venue thought he was 35 and I was his younger cousin at the age of 27....hahahaha, so I rest my case when I say I need my beautysleep...
Over and out

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