fredag 9 april 2010

Back to Antwerp

Yaeh, lovely Antwerp and Bar 219 is on the agenda today.
Just hung out on the town all day, and i went for a haircut.
But to cut your hair abroad with a picture to be sure what you want wasnt that great idea, now I look like I don' know's only hair I know and it grows fast on me so why bother...but I'm vain so I still nag about it...

Today me & Hampus did a acoustic show, and it was a great, it' s so great to do shows like these once in a while, especially when I'm backed up with pro like Hampus!

We did almost the orginal set with a few gems from the album that we usually don't have on the setlist.
It was a great night with alot of great friends there.
I always loves to come to Bram's place and play the boogaloo.
And after the show we headed home Casa Flap & his super hospitality for letting us stay here over the night.
Antwerp once again showed it's best side for us!

Love from the capitain

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