onsdag 21 april 2010

Open up and say BAAH!!!

I´m so wornout of being "working " at my regular place when i´m not out on the road doing the boogaloo, and i have to say it sucks as a horses ass!!!.
Thank god that i have some great shows coming up soon, and already planning for the next tour which is to take place between october 21st until november 20th aprox.
We will visit Belgium,Netherlands,France,Germany, Austria and maybe even our neighbours down south, Denmark.
A month of boogaloo is what i need for real!.

Other good news are that my publisher is heading west, to the big country called United States to do some great buisness for me, and keep your fingers, toes and everything in between and this will be a very fruitful trip for all parts!!!

Now i will just kick back and listening to some great funk from the early sixties until i have to head off to work again...
Love from the capitain

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