måndag 26 april 2010

touring, movies & music

Yeap musiclovers!
There´s some shows already booked for the upcoming tour in oct/nov 2010.
It´s going to be a wild trip, and a long one, this time we will be out doing the boogaloo for almost twice as long as the previous tour.
A whole lot more dates in Germany & France is goingto be added this time, and of course we will visit lovely Belgium & Netherlands as much as we use to do everytime we are on the road!

I´ll keep you updated with dates and venues as they coming in.

I have also booked some studio time to record 5 more songs, which one we actually played live on the tour called " No need for voodoo " and on this track i will use the fab band i had with me on the last tour, Henk, Jon & Hampus.
And Hampus will also play harmonica on a recording for the first time on a track called " House of lies ", that´s going to be rad!!!

Of course, as always i´m going to mix some electric fuzzed out boogie tunes with some mellow acoustic & grand piano played songs together with the two uber meastros, THE PULCA BROS!.
The tracks are called " Need of being good ", " Ten " , " The Ocean ".
The dates for recording will take place 5th & 6th of june and when those five great songs are done i´ll leave it to the great hands of T.Bövik, why change a winning formula right!

And i watched such a great movie last night, CRAZY HEART.
It was so great, and the soundtrack...Mmmmm you gotta love it!
And the footage made me wanna do my dream trip travel around with my gitar and play at those cool joints everywhere with locals every night and just soak it in and write good songs about it.
I know i will be touring over there pretty, pretty soon but i got so anxious when i watched this great movie!!
You have to see it people of boogaloo!

Aweright!, i will get my ass out of the sofa and take a walk in the city now, i´m a walking man you know, it clears my mind.
Take it easy now and don´t forget to say you love your loved ones!

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