måndag 10 maj 2010

Back in the saddle

Yesterday I met up Henk, Kampus & Jon for a rehearsel, since there will be two great shows to do this week.
I haven´t met Hampus(sy) & Henk since the last day of the tour, so we had some catching up to do before we started to do the boogaloo.
And when we started to do just that, it was like when we left off, sounded as great as it did in Leipzig (D) like a month or so, Feeeeels good I must say! Not that I ever doubted that but still.

We´ll meet up tomorrow again, looking forward to that!

Today I will kick back, head off to the rehearsel room to rockout with my other smokin´outfit!, gonna be wicked.

So there´s a lot of guitarplaying this week, just as I like it.
More to come pretty, pretty soon.

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