lördag 8 maj 2010

The FUZZ guitarshow

Well, today was a happening in my nerdy world, a guitarshow called FUZZ Guitarshow.
It have been around for quite some time with different organizers, but since the last four years it have been hosted by the great guitarmagazine FUZZ.

But this year it was located on a different place, and what a drag it was to even get there...
I spend like an hour taking a looooong walk from the station to where the venue actually was since the public transportations sucked, as always.
Well, I like taking long walks so I´m not complaining that much, yet!
While arriving I met a whole lot of old friends, that I only seem to meet on events like this nowdays so it was fun.

Up the stairs I ran into my good friend & manager/keyboard player Jon, since he was working at one of these booths.
Started to walk around the venue and starting to checkout if there was something for this old cat.
Of course when it comes to to events like this you get to see these guitars that you will never afford to buy even if you win the lottery, but a nice guitar is a nice guitar to look at, play around with and such right!?
I actually found out that a guitar I once owned for like 15 years ago, have a pricetag like 13000 euros!!!, I made a really good deal when i sold it back then but not this kinda of money, it´s insane!!!, it´s just some great wood with some great electronics for fucks sake!!, bring a guitar like that on a club tour....naah!, I don´t think so...hahaha.

Ran into my old friend Thomas Silver, and we are alike when it comes guitars in more than a few occasions, but most important we like guitars from the infamous lawsuit era.
Not that expensive japanese copies of all the great makers, with the exception that you actually can afford one, two or ten of them and most of them will kick the "originals" ass even on a bad day!
Anyway, he told me that this great shop,(www.helgeshala.com) from down south was having their booth further down the hall & Ooooh yes!!! as the previous years they delievered as always.
BUT!!! the room they had was soooo damn small, and of course the word have been around that they had some killer guitars, good for them, but as a customer it was a drag!
Hope they will get some money back off the fee they have to pay to the organizers for being there, since I wasen´t the only one who complained about this and they probably lost a few customers also just because of this, not only in this booth but also at some other great shops.

I really was looking forward to being able to try out some great GRECO´s , and other great jap´s of course, but it was really a no can do mission.
But I am fortunate to pass their shop in Växjö in a couple of weeks, then I will have my own pace to maybe find a new babe, or two...

I also found a new brand & guitar from the states (at least new for me)KING guitars, they had a really cool telecaster kinda model with a p90 pick up and bigsby tremolo, it was really a cool guitar.
I have to dug into them more for real!
Check them out here!

Also ran into my good, good friend & also producer deluxe, don ROBERTO LAGHI (who have done some great work with acts like : The AWESOME MACHINE, LOK, Mustasch, OnPAROLE, Hardcore Superstar, InFlames, Eldkvarn, B*Thong and the list can go on forever, which I haven´t met for over a year or so, we had a quick chat before I felt like it was time to leave.

Overall, except the long walk to the venue, the small and overcrowded booths it was well worth the money to be a total nerd for a couple of hours.

Take it easy people!
Loads of love from the capitain

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