torsdag 20 maj 2010

Just drums & guitars is sexy!

Yeah! Your read right. And to quote my friend & producer K. RAGNSTAM "there´s something damn sexy with just guitars and drums!"
We met up at his studio today to rehearse some for 3 shows that we will do as a duo in aprox two months, since we both have tight schedules we have to meet up this early on, but we like to hangout with each other also of course!
It´s H2H Festival, Krokstrand (NO) & ÅMÅL´s Bluesfestival (SWE) that are gonna get a fair share of some real badass gritty boogaloo!!
It´s me on guitars & vocals of course, and Mr K. on drums, backing vocals, bariton and effects and such.
And fockin hell!!! We had a real blast tonight! We tested 3 new songs (which will also be recorded in the very same studio next month).

It will be gritty & sonic as F***CK, I´ll tell you that musiclovers!

I´m so psyched for these duo shows! So if you have the possiblity, you all need to get your sweet ass´s to any of these 3 shows, they will be one of those shows when people gonna say "I was there..." some years from now.

Over & out from a happy capitain of boogaloo!

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