söndag 16 maj 2010


Yeah!, the show at OCEANEN, Gothenburg was a really fun one.
I got picked up by my good friend Markus, who also was one of the organizers tonight and we headed off to our rehearsel space to pick up our gear.

Everyone who knows me, also knows that I´m not the most technical talentend guy...but tonight I had to fix the PA-system and this is for me not ligical at all, but I have promised I would do it.
While connecting everything the other band arrived, a band called SIGNEZ, and this show was their livedebut as well.
And they were NERVOUS, and kept asking me over and over again when they could start soundcheck, and I told them that " well I have to connect everything first" and some other stuff needed to picked up before so I send them away to eat so I could do what I was supposed to do alone and not having 5 guys on stage breathing down my neck.

After some hilarious moments and quotes I got everthing running and we got the soundchecks done pretty smoothly.

People started to show up, and there were some kind of dresscode for the party so some people really went for the all in kinda dresses...
Great dinner, and great people and some other people who just were there for the show were arriving and we went on stage around 21.30.

And since the show in Stockholm was great we were in the best of spirits.
It was to be one of those shows that we will remember for all our lifes, it was easily in the top 3 of best shows we´ve done.
And it was so great that it was at my great friend Markus´s party, that feels good
Hampus reminded us that we forgot to play "Chasin the tail" in Stockholm the other day so we focused to not forget that great bootyshaker tonight, BUT we did forget to play "Gone to hell" instead...hahaha.
Well, that´s beauty of playing boogaloo, there will never be a show who will be like the other when Christian The 2120´s are on the prowl!

It was a great party and loads of loving people all around so this was such a great night.
And the the score between Gbg & Sthlm is 1-1
We´ll see what happens next time we are in the capitol to do the boogaloo.

The closest days I will focus on finnish up the songs that I will record in a couple of weeks, and of course book more shows for the fall & winter tours.
And have a small rehearsel for the Åmål´s bluesfest shows, on those two shows I will have my good friend and producer,K.Ragnstam on drums & noisy stuff & the legendary Göran Svenningsson on guitars/bariton on a few songs, gonna be a wicked sounding shows for sure!.

Take it easy out there lovers and be cool!

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