söndag 16 maj 2010


Man!, what a great couple of days it´s been.
We left the rainy Gothenburg early thursday morning for the capitol of SWEDEN.
I have never been a fan of traveling with cars when the trip is longer than 2 hours, and from Gothenburg up to Stockholm it´s around 5 hours drive.
I get soooo damn bored and anxious, BUT we had a great driver on this little trip, Dragan!
He drove like a champ and we only came like 45 minutes late from the orginal get-in time at this really great club called CLUB NUGGETS.

We didn´t bother to do a soundcheck since we have the same lineup as our friends, MOTHER JAMES except the horn section
And since they sounded just splendid we left the venue for a walk in the nice weahter on the cool Södermalm before me and Jon had buisness meeting with my great publisher, Anders from www.misty.se
He had some great things to tell me after his two week long buisness trip in the states a while ago.
And I will let you know when the time is right, there´s some really great stuff in the pipeline, I tell you that much!

The great MOTHER JAMES were up first tonight, and man they were good!
They made me think of the cool flick, The aristocats for some reason, but man they were good.
You´ll find them here www.myspace.com/motherjames

We ourselves were really phsyched to do the boogaloo.
So we did a really fast changeover and off we went.
It was a cool crowd and as the show progressed people started to dance (which is always nice), and the great promotors Daniel & Martin told me afterwards that people NEVER use to dance to the bands here...I´ll take that we were doing our boogaloo great then...

After the show we just hungout with some old & new friends which we have´nt met for way to long.
Plus that the dj´s were playing the best music ever heard in a club, all night!.
There were no downers during the whole evening! If you ever need to have a great dj, you´d contact these great promotors of CLUB NUGGETS, or if you just want to hear some first class music while drinking those tasty beers and they will deliever.

Last stop after the place closed down was the ´Donk across the street, me, Jon & Hampus had some late night food before stumbled over the street to our fancy hotel and crash out within minutes, at least me.
I heard Jon & Hampus argueing about some stuff that they already started at the ´Donk...they weren´t mad at each other they just disagreed on several points, and it was kinda fun to just hear them going on&on&on&on.

My first show in Stockholm with a full band was just AWESOME!!!
Everything was right, the venue, the promotors, the audience, the dj´s, all the friends, all the dancing, the hotel, the 4 star dinner (since I almost never eat breakfast I don´t know how that one was but I would guess it was also top notch).
I´m looking forward to the show up there, it might be already in june but I´ll let you know as soon as i know it.

We jumped the van with smiling faces and headed home.

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