torsdag 3 juni 2010

Good things happen all the time

Yeah, some great things been added in the pipeline the last week
We got a show booked in Berlin at WHITE TRASH FASTFOOD november 5th, so more dates keep add on the tour. We´ll have a few more dates confirmed soon so keep checking in.

Also had a duo & a trio rehearsel for the shows here in Sweden that are coming up early next month, and it feels so good to work with such proffesionals that make me sound so good!
Gonna be some wicked shows I´ll tell you that! We´ll give them Swedes some badass boogaloo for sure!

And for all you people who sent me all those nice emails about my music.I´m out of words how much it means to me, THANK YOU!!!

And more music is about to be recorded pretty, pretty soon and I´m really psyched about them new songs, and so are the producer team. So it will be 4 great boogaloo tunes, for sure.
When they are finished and all you´ll find them on Spotify, I-Tunes and every other digital download sites. I have just signed some deals for that so it will be just great to spread the gospel of boogaloo over the web also.

I have also been making plans for a tour in U.S.A. early next year, and THAT people will be a trip!!!

That is was what have happened this week, and I´m already looking forward to next week :-)

Love from the Capitain

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