torsdag 10 juni 2010

studio session

Oh yes, the other day I entered the fantastic studio Scola once again.
At first it was like it would be postponed, BUT I have those super pro´s around me so it did happen of course.

I was putting down guitars, drums, keys on 4 new tracks, the intention was to record two different ones than we ended up to record, we take those other two further down the road instead.

The titles of the 4 songs that got on tape are:

"The need of being cool", "Second hand jesus", "Ten" & "the one without title"

It was a great session since we aproached the songs in a different way than we use to do, the PULCA BROS have a plan for this...hahaha
The rest of the vocals, percussion etc will be recorded in a couple of weeks, since the BRO´s headed out on tour last monday.
But soon they are back home and ready to finish up these great tunes of mine!

There´s no rehearsels with other musicians this week, since one is at the festival SWEDEN ROCK & the other one is on tour in Germany so I´ll keep my pace doing some final touches on my vocals for the songs i mentioned earlier.
I would like fast forward this week really!, i´m no good in waiting...

Love from the capitain

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