torsdag 17 juni 2010

Wait, wait, wait...

I´m no good in waiting, not one bit.
There´s a whole lot of great stuff just around the corner, but I can´t expose them yet, and it bugs me, BUT!
It´s a goodthing a good friend told me last night, at least there is some really great stuff for you (me that is!) have in front of you, and he´s a wise man my friend.

I also went to see the PULCA Bros do a really great gig at a really cool coffeshop called Marmelad in one of the coolest parts of town today.
Go here to check their cool blog. to see when the next great show is coming up with some other great bands from this great hometown of mine,Gothenburg Boogaloocity!
I have to tell you music lovers, for real!!!
Next time you see that K.RAGNSTAM is about do play at a venue near you, you just have to go there and witness some really, really, really topnotch music and performance!

I´m amazed how great just 3 people can sound, sing & play.
Love those dudes!

That´s all for now lovers!

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