tisdag 13 juli 2010

More shows

Yep people!
I got invited to this great place called Köket to play some boogaloo for two days.
I did a last minute show there not long ago, and got invited back.
It´s an "Alternative Fjord festival" to the regular Fjord festival they have the very same weekend.

It´s going to be a blast to share stage those two great evenings with both Rub-A-Dub & Lars Wallin & TribeLars.

I havent decided which format I will perform with at these shows yet though, it could be solo but it could also be a duo-show with drums.
We´ll see what happens since the drummers I want to have with me are all booked at some other shows, of there´s some other kickass drummers but still, it´s also great to do some solo shows again, since the last two ones was really, really good ones but we´ll see what happens.

Over & out for now lovers

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