tisdag 13 juli 2010


What a great fucking weekend!
Me and my missus arrived in Åmål for the 19th annual ÅMÅLS BLUES Festival on wendsday the 7th of july, she had an exhibition at Åmål´s Art hall during the whole festival so she needed to prepare her exhibition before the grand opening on the thursday & I played 4 shows between thursday to saturday, two official ones and two private ones.
The first show actually made my whole weekend, I was playing outside the art exhibition at the grand opening, and while doing that I see a car pull up across the street to stop outside the hotel.
And out steps the legendary T-MODEL FORD, eyeballing the noise over the street, that felt awesome!!!, but the great stuff don´t end there.
After the show I was invited to take a bear together with the great Festival General, Nils at the hotel across the street.

And off we went, and inside the resturant we ran into mr T. M. F who´s having lunch.
Here I get introduced to him and just before I´m about to shake this legends hand he give me thumbs up for the boogaloo i made outside like 15 minutes earlier.
I´m so stoked over this!!!

I ran into mr T. M. F a few times during the festival and he´s so sweet, and impressive at the same time.
Always had time to share a smile & some small talk, one time about my woman who also got introduced to him later that weekend and told me to "put a mark " on her, otherwise she would end up riding his train and then i´m done...hahaha.

On the last day I met him again at one of the different venues at the festival, he asked to sit down next to him, what an honour!!! while Cadilac John played together with the way beyond cool Bill Abel.
We sat there listening to some great blues and I was listening to him making fun of those "young boys up on the stage " & eyeballing every woman in sight.
And I asked him to take a picture together which he said " Sure man!" and I got these great pictures of me and him, this is going to be framed and up on the wall at home for sure.

And his own show was just awesome!, and by the time his set was supposed to be over , he just kept playing, who would argue with him, the headliner of the festival...hahaha
What an honour to hang with a legend like him, 90 years old and kicking some serious ass!
I´m in awe!.

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