onsdag 13 oktober 2010


Yep people!, it´s now confirmed.
The great boogaloo tune, " It Ain´t cool " from my debut "Nolo Contendere" will be featured in the Hollywood indipendent movie " PUNCTURE " with it´s release date during 2011.
You´ll find more info about the movie here.

I´m so phsyched about this, my music in an movie, and yet an american movie with a budget that are insane!!!
Well, as my old dad once said, " good things happens to good people son! ", I guess he´s right, again!

I´m preparing for the afternoon show here in Gothenburg on this saturday october the 16th at NO 1 Guitarshop.
It feels kinda strange to do a show in a " guitarshop " with the room full of six string noodlers with some superskills and such, well I will do my thing together with my great friend, Thomas Ponten of the great band LITTLE GREEN who´s gonna back me up on mandolin & harmony vocals on half of the songs.
It´s gonna be one of those rootsy shows I have´nt done for a long time, gonna be a blast, and yes of course!, it´s going to be both taped & recorded on video just for all you people that don´t have the time or able to come down.
So it´s gonna end up on Youtube, Myspace & here of course.

And it will also be the last show for a while, I´ll concentrate to write and record new songs for the rest of the year and being home with my queen & our sweet, sweet puppy Doris!
Take it easy and we see each other pretty soon again.
Loads of love.

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Anonym sa...

congratulations with the moviesong
i know the song but i'm looking forward to hear it in the movie.
i hope you have a lot of fun with Doris and that you will write and record a lot of new boogaloo songs.
Hope to see you around in Belgium next year.
Greetings Christophe&Nele