lördag 30 oktober 2010

New song on myspace etc

Hello kids!
I´m just popping in to say that the show I did october 15th was AWESOME!!!
Playing in a NO 1 guitarshop first felt a little bit frightning in front of a bunch of guitarnoodlers, but it all turned out really, really great.
And I have to express my big thanx to mr Thomas. Ponten who joined me on mandolin & some acoustic guitar.
I had such a blast and I will record 5-8 songs from the album in that stripped down, rootsy & country-ish way the closest weeks and it will be recorded live, just the way they should.
This cd, and hopefully also a 7" vinyl will only be sold at liveshows in a very limited run.

I also have added a new song at myspace, it´s taken from the upcoming album and I must say I´m so psyched about how the album is coming together.

I also will do some jamming & songwriting together with my friend, Esben who play drums for the great band MARULK.
We just have to fix some logistics first, some of those songs might end up on upcoming album also, we´ll see what happens but it´s gonna end up in something for sure.

I´m having my vaccation at the moment, writing songs and preparing for some intense recording sessions in the beginning of December when mr -K- is back from touring Germany & Japan.
That´s all for now lovers.

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