torsdag 2 december 2010

New shows coming up!!!

Yep, that well known itchy feeling when you have´nt played live for a while have paid a visit a few times since I was forced to cancell this falls tour.
I have booked two shows in Uddevalla, at the great place KÖKET.
The first show will be january 21st & the second one the april 8th.
It´s going to be a blast to visit all my boogaloo friends in Uddevalla again, those shows there is always wicked & full of love!

On the first of those Uddevalla shows I will have the great danish dynamite mr Esben Willems the boogie outfit MARULK on drums & backing vocals.
On the second, I´m not sure yet but it´s a long time until then !

Other great news is that the Hollywood movie, " Puncture" who are going to use some great music of the 2120´s have switched song for a better part in the movie.
Now they will use "EVIL WAYS" instead and they will use 2 minutes & 3 seconds as background music at a party, feels sooooo great!!!

That´s all for now lovers.

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