onsdag 17 november 2010

new recordings coming up!

I´m teaming up with my great friends mr Thomas Ponten & mr Esben Willems monday the 22nd for rehearsing some songs for an upcoming release.
Since the show at NO1 guitarshop theses kind of versions of the songs been growing stronger in my mind, so a few songs from the album, some new ones from the upcoming album and some old favorites is going to be recorded live in Thomas living room acousticly.
Me on guitars, vocals, Thomas on mandolin & additional guitars, vocals & Esben on percussion, vocals.

The songs will get a more "country flavor ", since I love some great country music and I thought I had to record these songs in that way also.'I´m going to pick the best ones and make an 5 track ep, and hopefully also on vinyl.

I´ll keep you updated about this for sure.

Also more recordings is coming up for the upcoming album, since the producer is back home again from his tour.
A new session for 4-5 new gems is being planned to be recorded during december.
That was all for now lovers

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