torsdag 30 december 2010

Soul singing!

Went by the studio to track some singing, and it feels so gooooood to hear when I have done one take of one of the songs when the producer shouts! YEEEEESSS!!!!, that´s soulsinging I´ll tell ya!!!.
I guess my medicine to sing good is to being tired beyond belief, having a headache & bit of a cold... as strange as it sounds it did the trick today!

We also started to noodle around a brand new song, yet untitled though, we went for the dramatic "spanish" feeling, that´s the best words I can describe this great song to be.
Next time we´ll bring in mr Stefan Sporsen on some horns to this song and on the " Ain´t no place to fall behind ", gonna be wicked!

Other great news is that I have booked two more shows for that short trip to Germany next year, Berlin gets two visits at Soul Cat & Beakers and Hamburg´s Mobile Blues Club get one visit of some great acoustic boogaloo.

Aweright, if we don´t speak more during the last days of 2010, I´ll drop in the first days of 2011 to pop some more great news.
Cheers to ya´ll

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