lördag 25 december 2010

Studio & live

I entered studio Scola with mighty -K- & Joel december 18th & 19th, we started to record 5 new songs for the upcoming album.
The songs that was nailed was Room with a view, Face the sun, Ain´t no place to fall behind, Easy on you & Set me free.
There´s some smoking moments that got down on tape I´ll tell you that much!!!, damn the new album gonna be a killer!

I´ll be back in the studio pretty soon again to finish them off, since my publisher is heading down to MIDEM in january and he´ll bring some great rough mixes with him to show the media, feels great.
Now I only have to take some new promo photos as well, but first things first as the old saying goes.

I have also booked some new shows for the winter and spring.
As I´ve mentioned before there´s a small German tour coming up in march together with my friend Thomas on mandolin.
The first show is booked at the cool place SOUL CAT, Berlin and there will be 3 more shows added.

And the other week, I got some REALLY great news concerning USA, but I cannot reveil those great news yet, but soon, pretty soon you´ll also know this :-D

I will post some pic´s from the studio when my lady has arrived home, since I don´t have a clue how to do that...
Have a great christmas holiday now loving people.

(The lady is home!)

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