lördag 15 januari 2011

Awesome day after all!

Today I had a loooong rehearsel together with mr Esben Willems.
We met at his rehearsel space around 15.00, and as usual I worked the graveyard shift at my regular job the night before, so did´nt get that much sleep, since it´s wintertime, and as always during wintertime, it snows from time to time right, can you imagine that :-D

And because of that, the commute trains and busses always, and I mean always!! running late or in worst case scenario is cancelled since it have snowed again this winter..., well I managed to only being 15 minutes late for the rehearsel.

And such a great day of wild blistering boogaloo it was!, and I´m happy that my voice still feels great after been singing nonstop for over 5 hours with only a small break for pizza, could it be the magic pizza or are my vocal chords just cool with it ;-).
The show at KÖKET, Uddevalla will get aprox 70 minutes of pure boogaloo in it´s finest prime!
There will be some old songs, some new songs & some borrowed songs, gonna be wicked!!!

Still I´m feeling a bit blue though, since I´ve been away from my queens since friday and leaving a truckload of buisness work for my lovely woman to take care of, wich makes me getting bad conscience, she has loads of better things to do than doing my stuff.
BUT, I´ll compensate her for sure!, and ooooh yes, I love her so!

Other great news is that I´ve booked the studio for the final sessions for the new album between february 6th until 14th.
I´m really looking forward to that, to wrap up the album.
And I might even have an title for the album now as well, it´s an excerpt from a quote from Ben Knox Miller from the great band The Low Anthem.
I´ll have " taste " that one a bit more before I let you lovers know about it.

Aweright, I have to work some more, yes I´m at the regular job, again...
Take it easy now lovers! and I´ll leave you to listen/watch to this fantastic song that Dylan Leblanc made a great cover version of when he played in my hometown not so long ago that says it all a day like today.

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