tisdag 1 februari 2011

Fantastic days!

Yeah, we had some really great times in good ol´ Uddevalla!.
The place were packed, it starts to pay off to visit this lovely city with all the beautiful people who lives there and sure knows how to do the boogaloo!

Esben did a fantastic job on his tiny, tiny tiny kit!, since the bassdrum (26 inches ) did´nt fit in the car he reduced his set and made great sounding floortom convert it to a bassdrum!
He had that bassdrum and a snare, hihat & one cymbal, and oboy did that sound awesome!!!
I´ll put up some videoclips pretty soon so you´ll see how great this evening was!

We played for 70 minutes!, kinda impressive i must say, felt like 20 minutes at the most!
Also tried out some new songs, felt so great to play those new gems live!

Yesterday I had a rehearsel for the KLUBB HONKY TONK show at Cafe Hängmattan, it´s going to be a acoustic trio of the 2120´s this time, I have added Thomas Ponten on guitar & mandolin & Esben on percussion.
It´s going to be totally awesome to perform the songs in this rootsy kinda way, loads of great harmony vocals and of course, that great mandolin!

I´m also having two other shows to do this month, one together with mr -K- behind the kit and one with mr Esben behind a slightly bigger kit than the last time, first up is Sticky Fingers, the it´s that acoustic show I mentioned before at HONKY TONK and then it´s Henriksberg, you´ll find all dates to the right.

At Honky Tonk & Henriksberg I´ll record both shows for a future release, so do yourself a favor and drop by.

And other great news is that I will do some touring in october together with the mighty THE DON DARLINGS.
Not only as support, I will also be a stand in guitarplayer for Mads, who´s having a baby during this period, and I see this as an honour to helpout.
The tour will include Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, maybe some more countries to be added, but I´ll keep you all posted for sure.
The tour are about to take place during 1st until 14th of october so keep checking in for updates.

And finally, the february 6th, the last studiosession starts for the upcoming album, I´m soooo phyched about this! WHOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!

That´s all for now.

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