lördag 28 januari 2012


Finally I´m back to give you some updates what´s been going on lately!
Now the album is done, I have got the master in my hand (or in the player I should say).
I´m so pleased with the result, it sounds so damn good, the songs are top notch & I have nothing more to add to it, I´ve delievered a great fuckin album!!!

Also got the song Evil ways in a another Hollywood flick, Concrete Blondes.
Have´nt seen it yet, but they shure do have good taste in music!

And today, my beloved queen made me walk on ice, yup the lake right outside my frontdoor.
Scary business, I do not know how thick it was, but you could see through the ice...well a few great photos was taken and will be used as promotion.

And of course there´s been some heavy updates on this blog, you´ll now see knobs for news, photos, video, tour & discography when you enter this site.
And feel free to use these anytime you want!

I have some more news to tell you all about in a few weeks, but this is all for now.

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